A guide to the Truma Combi system- exclusive to Coachman for 2012

30 January 2012

We’ve had a lot of customers get in touch wanting to know more about the new Truma Combi system we’ve fitted to our 2012 Pastiche and VIP ranges.

That’s why we’ve prepared this short guide, designed to let you know all about the exclusive new system, and why we chose it for our 2012 caravans.


Originally developed for the motorhome market, the lightweight, compact and efficient Truma Combi system combines both space and water heating into a single unit.

Running on gas or electricity (or a combination of both), the Truma system is flexible, quiet and powerful and can provide heat and hot water (either separately, or together) whenever you need it.

Instant heat

Unlike wet heating systems, which can take up to an hour to heat up, the Truma Combi delivers heat almost instantly. The system provides heat within minutes and even quicker if both electric and gas are used! And unlike some traditional blown-air heaters, the Truma Combi is virtually silent, so you don’t need to worry about it disturbing your peace and quiet.

Total control

Probably the most impressive part of this system is the single, easy to use control panel, inspired by domestic central heating systems, which controls the whole system, from setting the temperature for the space and water heaters, to changing the power supply between electric and gas.

With two timers and a thermostat, you can set the hot water or heating to come on whenever you want it, at a temperature of your choice. This means that if you are out for the day, you can set it to come on just before your return and come back to a warm caravan, without wasting power.

Space and efficiency

The Combi has some real advantages over other heaters when it comes to space and efficiency. It combines both a space and water heater into a single unit, which makes it significantly lighter, and means that it takes up a lot less space than most systems, maximising available storage. Along with its low power consumption from the 12 volt system, you can see why we feel you will be seeing a lot more of this Truma Combi system in the near future!