Apprentice completes the Apprenticeship programme and gains a full time role at Coachman


Jack Shipley commenced the Company’s apprenticeship programme on Monday 13th October 2014.

Jack went straight into day release on the Construction Diploma at Hull College on Tuesday 14th October 2014.

His attendance at work and the Hull College have been excellent and he has been conscientious and hardworking at both.

Having completed and passed the Construction Diploma and then completing his Apprenticeship this year, Jack has gained a full time contract with the Company

“Jack is a great example of a young person staring in the industry with no prior knowledge or experience and excelling both in the workplace and academically at the Hull College”.

“Whenever possible, we look to recruit young people from the local area, and provide them with a comprehensive in-house training programme that will give them all the skills they need to be successful within the caravan industry” Alan Roberts (Production Director).